Remote Support

Once you've clicked the button above, you will be taken to a site with the following message found in the centre. We will provide you the code.

Alternative method for remote support

Once you've clicked the button above, you will see your browser download a small file shown below.

Click on this file to run it, and when prompted with the security warning pictured below, click "Run".

The TeamViewer QuickSupport window will now open. We will need to know the unique ID number and password that this program generates for you, like the example shown below. With this, we can securely connect to your PC and begin our remote support session.

Please Note:
Camden PC Solutions never engages with other companies or outside persons for remote support. You will only ever deal directly with us, and all remote support is either conducted between you and ourselves over the phone or is pre-arranged with you in some manner.

Always be mindful of fake "support" companies calling about your computer. Often they will claim to be from Microsoft or Windows Support, or one of many others. As a general rule, anyone calling you out of the blue regarding your computer should be regarded as a scammer.